Sunday, 13 May 2012

3 Ways to Wear: Missguided Video

Hey Lovelies!

So a little while ago I made a  fashion video for my Youtube channel which included a three ways to style a blouse from Missguided. The blouse is a black sheer style with a cute heart design on the collar. I love a good blouse and collar combo so this blouse is right up my street and can be styled in a variety of ways. I decided to create a casual daytime look, casual night look and then glam out on the town look!

Look 1 Daytime: This is what I'd wear for uni or just a casual trip into town when it's a grey day. I'd wear a pink jumper to add a bit of colour, the blouse with the collar popping out to show the cute heart detail and then jeans to keep it comfy and casual for uni.

Look 2 Casual Night: I didn't quite know what to call this look as it's that in between night and day look so imagine you're going for a Nando's with the boyfriend or for a cheeky cocktail with the girls. I paired my blouse with my trusty denim shorts, my Missguided tights which add a little oooh la la to the outfit. Then finally my Miss Selfridge leather jacket which I like to throw on with everything.

Look 3 Night Time Look: So this is a glam, out on the town look! I paired my blouse with my Miss Selfridge shorts and then some high ankle boots. This look is perfect for a winter going out look but a little too dark now for my Spring time palette!

So there we have it, my first styling video! I'm thinking of maybe doing another one soon, if anyone has any requests let me know as I'm trying to think of a different item to style! Maybe my coloured jeans? Let me know in the comments below your thoughts :)

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Pastel Overload: Outfit Post

Hey Lovelies!

I have been loving the recent pastel additions to the high street, they are a nice welcome after a winter full of dark colours such as maroon and mustard! I have been loving the whole pastel jean and blazer trend and may of added a sneaky couple of additions to my wardrobe.. whoopsy. I thought I'd show you how I've been colour blocking lately and how you can do it without breaking the bank.

There are so many pastel items on the high street at the moment that you will not be stuck for choice. I've been finding Primark brilliant for coloured blazers and ASOS and Zara for coloured jeans that even fit shorties like me! I picked up a neon pink pair of jeans from ASOS which at first made me think 'oh my, I will never wear those!' But now after a few wears I am now in love with them and always trying to think of new ways to style them! I've been loving pairing a very simple top with these jeans, my lace black Zara top has been the item of choice at the moment. But I also went out and bought a simple white t shirt from H&M and took inspiration from Frankie Sandford (link to pictures) who shows how you can wear white and pastels and not look like an ice cream. I've also been loving my pastel blazers, especially my mint green/aqua one from Primark which was a steal at £15.00 and brightens up any outfit! For a real colour popping look I've paired my blazer with my jeans. Definitely a look that will make you stand out but perfect for sunny days which aren't quite warm enough to wap the shorts out!

Blazer: Primark
Top: Zara
Jeans: ASOS

I may of also bought another coloured pair of jeans this week (uh oh) so look out for them being debuted soon! I never thought I'd be a fan of such colour in my wardrobe, but I'm really enjoying ditching the black and injecting some brightness into my wardrobe! How have you been prepping your wardrobe for summer? Any other ways what I can style my pink jeans with?

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Mollie King I want your wardrobe!

Hey Lovelies!

Long time no speak eh? I have been terrible lately with updating this blog and well uni work in general. At the moment I only seem to be capable of eating Mini Eggs and online shopping, either aren't good for my hips or my bank balance! Whilst procrastinating from uni work I have been searching the internet getting inspiration for future Spring/Summer outfits. I have found a summer style icon in the form of Saturday Mollie King. I loved her wardrobe last summer too but in the winter I kind of wasn't as mad about her choices. But now it's warmer again she has been stepping out with a variety of outfits that if I was rich I'd go out and replicate.

Mollie always looks polished, well styled and most of her clothes are from the high street which makes her fashion very affordable which in my eyes is more inspiring. Of course this does have a bad effect as it means I'm more tempted to hop online to Topshop and order the same dress/shorts/blazer. I love her pastel outfits and find myself wishing I was her best friend so she could lend me that amazing neon peplum skirt from Lipsy. As part of more of wasting time I browsed high street websites and chose some items which I thought were very Mollie. I find myself in the mornings looking at my wardrobe and thinking 'what would Mollie wear today?'

Blazer: Topshop
Shirt Dress: River Island
Jumper: Topshop
Dress: Topshop
Dress: Rare
Jeans: Missguided

Of course sadly this means Caroline Flack has been knocked off the top spot in my top five celebrity style icons, she is more of my winter icon, who else rocks shorts and tights so well? Though I am looking forward to seeing her summer outfits on this year's Xtra Factor! What do you think of Mollie's style? Who's your current celeb style icon?

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Love is in the Air: Missguided Valentines Picks

 Hey Lovelies!

So on Tuesday we will see the arrival of Valentines Day, easily one of the most hyped up 'holidays' and an excuse for establishments such as card shops and restaurants to rake money in. I'm not being cynical I just believe when you're with someone you should that you love them 365 days a year not just the one. That being said my boyfriend and I always try to do something for Valentines, I suppose it's gives you an excuse to not just sit in front of the tv! This year we're off to TGI Friday's, yes I know how classy ;) it's one of our favourite places to eat so we thought we'd have a treat! It's always nice to feel nice and well any excuse for a new dress so I've been looking for some cute Valentines outfits on online retailer Missguided.

I cannot express how much I love Missguided, with their great prices, high quality and even offer free delivery and student discount you really can't knock it. They have an abundance of pretty and flirty outfits perfect for any Valentine's date; a meal, a trip to the cinema or just a takeaway and DVD.

All items from Missguided

I've chosen a girly pastel pink lace skater dress, a gorgeous sheer black blouse with hearts on the collar, a contrast black and pink dress which would be perfect for some drinks with your beau and finally a bright pink blazer to throw over some jeans to liven up a cosy night in. I love all these and there are so many gorgeous clothes on the Missguided website so check it out!

I hope you all have a great weekend :)

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

OOTD: Rediscovering an old favourite..

Hey Lovelies!

If you're a regular follower of my other blog Dizzybrunette3 you will know of my love for shorts. I like to call them my uniform as I rarely wear much else! My wardrobe is in need of a dire of clearing out and the other day I was having a little rummage and came across this sheer blouse in my mess of an wardrobe and thought 'ooh I've forgot how much I liked this.' I bought this in March 2011 from Zara and it basically never left my back. Almost a year on I don't love it as much as I did but it's still a nice blouse nevertheless.

Blouse: Zara
Top underneath: Primark
Shorts: Topshop
Belt: Primark
Tights: Primark 

I do like having a good wardrobe sort though as you discover clothes that you've forgotten about! It's like shopping for free :) Have you found any long lost treasures lately? 

Monday, 23 January 2012

Get in my Wardrobe: Bikini's

Hey Lovelies,

So you're probably thinking why on earth am I writing about bikini's in January? Well after learning for a few years now, never leave your bikini shopping till the summer or when you're about to go on holiday because I've found that your size is never in stock and all the nice bikini's are sold out. Learning my lesson, if I spy a bikini that I like and know that I'm going on holiday that year I try to snap it up as quickly as possible.

Of course all the summer stuff is out in the shops already and I've already spied some blimmin' gorgeous bikini's that I know will be a fine accompaniment for my holiday to the USA in the summer! My favourite places to buy bikini's from are Topshop (expensive but pretty) New Look ( I LOVE the Kelly Brook range) Primark (quite good quality and usually under £10) and River Island (always have gorgeous styles)

Now everyone has different needs when it comes to buying bikini's, not everyone goes for the same style after a few years of trying different styles and cringing in some holiday pictures, I think I've finally found the bikini style that suits me the most. I love strapless bikini tops with frilled bottoms, a perfect combination that makes me actually feel comfortable when on the beach and not self-conscious. Now I'm not really blessed in the chest department (I hope to God my tutor isn't reading this post!) but I am blessed when it comes to the bum! So these styles really help boost and hide assets lets just say!

From L-R 
Bikini 1: Topshop 
Bikini 2: New Look
Bikini 3: New Look
Being a total girly girl I also love bright (shows off your tan) floral prints, I always try to avoid buying black and white bikini's although they're great for making you look tanned, I'm always scared a white bikini will go see through, I've seen enough of these errors around the pool to be put off for life and black can be a little boring sometimes. Now if you read my beauty blog you'll probably know I'm a total tanorexix and when I go on holiday I am OBSESSED with getting a tan, I'm usually one of the first by the pool in the morning and one of the last at night. So strapless bikini's are brilliant for me as it means no tan lines. They're not only pretty but practical too. If you think you have a similar shape to me and haven't tried this style of bikini's out before then give them a go!

What's your favourite type of bikini, oh and don't go buying all of these, leave some for me for when I'm sunning myself in Miami ;)

Monday, 16 January 2012

Get in my Wardrobe: Pastel Knitwear

Hey Lovelies!

First things first, now that a big bulk of my uni work has been completed I can now dedicate some more of my time again towards this blog, of course maintaining this blog is part of a module of my uni course but this doesn't quite feel as taxing as 2,500 word essays do! Of course now Christmas is all done and dusted we are now starting to see spring/summer wear arrive in stores, the world of fashion retail is always funny I think, the fact there's winter clothes in the summer ( I always tend to buy my winter coat in August!) and summer in the winter (this is when I usually buy my bikini's!)

As well as seeing bikini's, shorts and pretty floral dresses, I'm seeing a lot of pastel colours especially in the knitwear department. Personally I love pastel colours, I think they just scream 'spring's coming!' I'm always quite guilty of wearing very colourless clothes, black, cream and denim are probably the most popular shades in my wardrobe but I always like to add a splash of colour into my spring/summer wardrobe. Now obviously spring and summer is a long way off yet, but that doesn't mean I can't get into the mood with adding a touch of spring to my winter wardrobe.

Top Row
Bottom Row

I spied these pastel knitwear items on the New Look and Topshop websites and pretty much fell in love with all of them. I recently bought a fuchsia jumper in the Topshop sale and absolutely love the colour and I can soon see one of these maybe making an appearance in my wardrobe. Perfect for accompanying jeans, shorts, dresses and much more, not only are they brilliant for keeping us warm now they're also perfect for summer nights chilling round a BBQ. Of course I am supposed to be on a spending ban but I can't promise anything if either Topshop or New Look offer a 20% student discount offer ;)

What are your thoughts on pastels? Yay or Nay?