Thursday, 5 April 2012

Mollie King I want your wardrobe!

Hey Lovelies!

Long time no speak eh? I have been terrible lately with updating this blog and well uni work in general. At the moment I only seem to be capable of eating Mini Eggs and online shopping, either aren't good for my hips or my bank balance! Whilst procrastinating from uni work I have been searching the internet getting inspiration for future Spring/Summer outfits. I have found a summer style icon in the form of Saturday Mollie King. I loved her wardrobe last summer too but in the winter I kind of wasn't as mad about her choices. But now it's warmer again she has been stepping out with a variety of outfits that if I was rich I'd go out and replicate.

Mollie always looks polished, well styled and most of her clothes are from the high street which makes her fashion very affordable which in my eyes is more inspiring. Of course this does have a bad effect as it means I'm more tempted to hop online to Topshop and order the same dress/shorts/blazer. I love her pastel outfits and find myself wishing I was her best friend so she could lend me that amazing neon peplum skirt from Lipsy. As part of more of wasting time I browsed high street websites and chose some items which I thought were very Mollie. I find myself in the mornings looking at my wardrobe and thinking 'what would Mollie wear today?'

Blazer: Topshop
Shirt Dress: River Island
Jumper: Topshop
Dress: Topshop
Dress: Rare
Jeans: Missguided

Of course sadly this means Caroline Flack has been knocked off the top spot in my top five celebrity style icons, she is more of my winter icon, who else rocks shorts and tights so well? Though I am looking forward to seeing her summer outfits on this year's Xtra Factor! What do you think of Mollie's style? Who's your current celeb style icon?


  1. I must say Mollie is one of my style crushes too shes pulls of shorts and short dresses so well x

  2. I adore Mollie's style, my 'style' board on Pinterest is basically just a shrine to her! I love the short suits she wears, I need to try that look! x

  3. Mollie never ever looks bad does she!? I'd say your style is similar to hers and all these would look gorgeous on you!!xxx