Saturday, 11 February 2012

Love is in the Air: Missguided Valentines Picks

 Hey Lovelies!

So on Tuesday we will see the arrival of Valentines Day, easily one of the most hyped up 'holidays' and an excuse for establishments such as card shops and restaurants to rake money in. I'm not being cynical I just believe when you're with someone you should that you love them 365 days a year not just the one. That being said my boyfriend and I always try to do something for Valentines, I suppose it's gives you an excuse to not just sit in front of the tv! This year we're off to TGI Friday's, yes I know how classy ;) it's one of our favourite places to eat so we thought we'd have a treat! It's always nice to feel nice and well any excuse for a new dress so I've been looking for some cute Valentines outfits on online retailer Missguided.

I cannot express how much I love Missguided, with their great prices, high quality and even offer free delivery and student discount you really can't knock it. They have an abundance of pretty and flirty outfits perfect for any Valentine's date; a meal, a trip to the cinema or just a takeaway and DVD.

All items from Missguided

I've chosen a girly pastel pink lace skater dress, a gorgeous sheer black blouse with hearts on the collar, a contrast black and pink dress which would be perfect for some drinks with your beau and finally a bright pink blazer to throw over some jeans to liven up a cosy night in. I love all these and there are so many gorgeous clothes on the Missguided website so check it out!

I hope you all have a great weekend :)