Tuesday, 24 January 2012

OOTD: Rediscovering an old favourite..

Hey Lovelies!

If you're a regular follower of my other blog Dizzybrunette3 you will know of my love for shorts. I like to call them my uniform as I rarely wear much else! My wardrobe is in need of a dire of clearing out and the other day I was having a little rummage and came across this sheer blouse in my mess of an wardrobe and thought 'ooh I've forgot how much I liked this.' I bought this in March 2011 from Zara and it basically never left my back. Almost a year on I don't love it as much as I did but it's still a nice blouse nevertheless.

Blouse: Zara
Top underneath: Primark
Shorts: Topshop
Belt: Primark
Tights: Primark 

I do like having a good wardrobe sort though as you discover clothes that you've forgotten about! It's like shopping for free :) Have you found any long lost treasures lately? 

Monday, 23 January 2012

Get in my Wardrobe: Bikini's

Hey Lovelies,

So you're probably thinking why on earth am I writing about bikini's in January? Well after learning for a few years now, never leave your bikini shopping till the summer or when you're about to go on holiday because I've found that your size is never in stock and all the nice bikini's are sold out. Learning my lesson, if I spy a bikini that I like and know that I'm going on holiday that year I try to snap it up as quickly as possible.

Of course all the summer stuff is out in the shops already and I've already spied some blimmin' gorgeous bikini's that I know will be a fine accompaniment for my holiday to the USA in the summer! My favourite places to buy bikini's from are Topshop (expensive but pretty) New Look ( I LOVE the Kelly Brook range) Primark (quite good quality and usually under £10) and River Island (always have gorgeous styles)

Now everyone has different needs when it comes to buying bikini's, not everyone goes for the same style after a few years of trying different styles and cringing in some holiday pictures, I think I've finally found the bikini style that suits me the most. I love strapless bikini tops with frilled bottoms, a perfect combination that makes me actually feel comfortable when on the beach and not self-conscious. Now I'm not really blessed in the chest department (I hope to God my tutor isn't reading this post!) but I am blessed when it comes to the bum! So these styles really help boost and hide assets lets just say!

From L-R 
Bikini 1: Topshop 
Bikini 2: New Look
Bikini 3: New Look
Being a total girly girl I also love bright (shows off your tan) floral prints, I always try to avoid buying black and white bikini's although they're great for making you look tanned, I'm always scared a white bikini will go see through, I've seen enough of these errors around the pool to be put off for life and black can be a little boring sometimes. Now if you read my beauty blog you'll probably know I'm a total tanorexix and when I go on holiday I am OBSESSED with getting a tan, I'm usually one of the first by the pool in the morning and one of the last at night. So strapless bikini's are brilliant for me as it means no tan lines. They're not only pretty but practical too. If you think you have a similar shape to me and haven't tried this style of bikini's out before then give them a go!

What's your favourite type of bikini, oh and don't go buying all of these, leave some for me for when I'm sunning myself in Miami ;)

Monday, 16 January 2012

Get in my Wardrobe: Pastel Knitwear

Hey Lovelies!

First things first, now that a big bulk of my uni work has been completed I can now dedicate some more of my time again towards this blog, of course maintaining this blog is part of a module of my uni course but this doesn't quite feel as taxing as 2,500 word essays do! Of course now Christmas is all done and dusted we are now starting to see spring/summer wear arrive in stores, the world of fashion retail is always funny I think, the fact there's winter clothes in the summer ( I always tend to buy my winter coat in August!) and summer in the winter (this is when I usually buy my bikini's!)

As well as seeing bikini's, shorts and pretty floral dresses, I'm seeing a lot of pastel colours especially in the knitwear department. Personally I love pastel colours, I think they just scream 'spring's coming!' I'm always quite guilty of wearing very colourless clothes, black, cream and denim are probably the most popular shades in my wardrobe but I always like to add a splash of colour into my spring/summer wardrobe. Now obviously spring and summer is a long way off yet, but that doesn't mean I can't get into the mood with adding a touch of spring to my winter wardrobe.

Top Row
Bottom Row

I spied these pastel knitwear items on the New Look and Topshop websites and pretty much fell in love with all of them. I recently bought a fuchsia jumper in the Topshop sale and absolutely love the colour and I can soon see one of these maybe making an appearance in my wardrobe. Perfect for accompanying jeans, shorts, dresses and much more, not only are they brilliant for keeping us warm now they're also perfect for summer nights chilling round a BBQ. Of course I am supposed to be on a spending ban but I can't promise anything if either Topshop or New Look offer a 20% student discount offer ;)

What are your thoughts on pastels? Yay or Nay?