Monday, 21 November 2011

Style Crush #1- Caroline Flack

Hey Lovelies!

So I've decided for one of my first posts on 'Fashion According to Dizzybrunette3' to start up a new collection of posts based around my style crushes. I love flicking through celebrity magazines and eyeing up celebrities fashion, I know that some people think the whole point of fashion is to be original but I don't see anything wrong with taking some inspiration and making it your own. I take lots of inspiration from lots of different celebrities but usually I have a phase of focusing on just the one and at the moment, my fave style crush is Caroline Flack.

Caroline who I'm sure you all know is the host of the Xtra Factor on ITV2 and most of the time I tune in just to see what she's wearing! She wears a mixture of high street and designer clothes but it's mostly picks from high street stores such as Topshop, Miss Selfridge and Zara which is great for girls who want to take inspiration but don't have the cash to splash at designer boutiques.

Here is a selection of my favourite looks from Caroline Flack. Sources for pictures from The Daily Mail 

From looking at pictures of Caroline, it's easy to see what types of clothes she goes for, the usual suspects are peter pan collars, lace and shorts/playsuits. I am very similar to Caroline in this way, I also love these three things which is probably why I am drawn to her style. She is also petite like me so I know by taking inspiration from her wardrobe it will suit me too, for example if I looked at someone like Kate Moss their clothes might not suit me as much as they're taller. 

I searched online for some Caroline Flack inspired pieces and actually found some items that she's actually worn! 

Top Row:
Dress: ASOS (worn on Xtra Factor)
Playsuit: Topshop (worn to Twilight Breaking Dawn Premier)
Bottom Row:
Velvet Shorts: Topshop (worn to the Cosmo Awards & to interview Frankie Cocozza)
Shorts: Miss Selfridge (worn on Xtra Factor) 

I have to admit I will be sad when X Factor finishes as I'll no longer be able to see what Caroline is wearing! If you're a big fan too of Miss Flack's wardrobe, here are some useful links, her stylist Rachel Bakewell's Twitter  who posts updates about what Caroline's wearing and where it's from and She's a Secret Shopper which is a fab blog based on celebrity style and is amazing for finding out where celebrities clothes are from! 

Hope you all have a lovely evening :) 


  1. caroline flack's clothes are just too nice! I want all of her wardrobe:(
    and she gets to work alongside olly murs every weekend, J-E-A-lous!

  2. I actually LOVE Caroline Flack's clothes.. tuning into Xtra factor to see what she's wearing is my new guilty pleasure, haha! Great idea for a post xx