Monday, 28 November 2011

Current Wardrobe Staples..

Hey Lovelies,

Now I don't know about you but every season I have a few staple items in my wardrobe that I just love to wear and basically rotate my outfits around. I thought I would show you all mine, and my reasons for them being my current wardrobe staples. As I'm sure over the Christmas season, my usual casual style may be livened up a little bit to keep up with parties, family dinners and all the glitz and glamour of the festive season!

  • Berry Snood- F&F- Tesco- A very practical item, a scarf is always essential to me in the winter as it makes such a difference keeping you warm! I love snoods like this that are big, fluffy and cosy. The colour was what drew me to this, a rich autumnal berry which is definitely one of my favourite colours this season. As I'm also pretty boring with my outfit colours, the splash of berry adds a bit of colour too! 

  • Grey Leather Biker Jacket- Miss Selfridge- This is probably my favourite jacket of ALL TIME, yes it even beats the shaggy/faux fur Tammy girl coat that I received when I was 11 and paraded around the living room on Christmas day or my French Connection (ooh get me) duffel coat with fur collar. I used to love that coat when I was 14, needless to say this was during my 'trainers and jeans' phase. CRINGE. But yes I love this jacket, it's fitting and is a unique colour. I'm also loving the fact that even though it's late November it's still warm enough to wear this coat which has 3/4 length sleeves. I bet another couple of weeks though and I'll be in my winter coat, so I'm making the most out of this bad boy! 

  • Peter Pan Collar contrast top- New Look - I actually picked this top up from the kids section in New Look, sometimes, just sometimes having a childlike top half can be beneficial! But all my peter pan collar tops are currently my favourite wardrobe staples. I'm REALLY loving pairing a peter pan collar vest top underneath different tops and dresses to create new looks to them! 

  • Cosy PJ bottoms- Primark- It's cold outside and it gets dark really early, so when I come home from a busy day at uni there is nothing more I love than getting into my cosy fleecy pj bottoms from Primark, lighting some candles and settling down to watch some telly! How rock and roll am I eh? In all seriousness these bottoms are why legs were invented. These bottoms are like heaven to my legs, in fact whenever I put them on I'm sure I hear my legs let out a hallelujah chorus. These are amazingly comfy and if you see some in your local Primark for a bargain price of £5.00 grab some and run home to wear them! You won't want to wear any other trousers ever again! 

  • Denim shorts- Topshop- If you read my beauty blog Dizzybrunette3, you will probably already know about my love of shorts. I've always loved my shorts and I wear them all year round which always makes my family laugh. My sister Hayley who thinks she is a comedian has a joke/impression of me and she'll say " oooh it's snowing outside, what shall I wear? I know shorts!" I'm not really a fan of jeans so I mostly stick to shorts in the winter paired with 100 denier opaque tights though, none of the flesh coloured tight malarkey. 

  • Tan Boots- Primark- I've been wearing these boots pretty much constantly ever since I bought them. They're really comfy and have a little heel to add a tiny bit of height which believe me I need. However I do sometimes feel a bit like a builder in them and they're definitely more of a casual boot. I'm still searching for the perfect black wedge ankle boot for dressier/smarter occasions! 
So there we go, my current wardrobe staples, most days I turn to one or more of these items and maybe Santa will bring me some new wardrobe staples to feature. 

What's your current wardrobe staples? 

I hope you all have a lovely Monday evening, the worst day of the week is over! Yay :) 


  1. I'm loving this 'fashion according to' part of your blog! I'm actually wearing those exact pj bottoms as I type ;). X

  2. I bought those exact same Primark boots because of you :) and they're my wardrobe staple too, along with my big cosy Zara parka with furry loveliness on the inside ;)

    And I can't even count the number of times I've seen those amazing Primark pyjama bottoms. Think I'll be getting them for my mum for Christmas.

    Lucy xxx

  3. Love all your staples, especially the snood and the leather jacket, I looooove Berry too! Definitely on the look out for those PJ's, they sound like a dreeeeam! Pun intended ;) x

  4. love the snood and totes agree on the whole prim ark pj front love my owl ones! :) great post good luck for your new bloggie :) <3

  5. love your style its super cute! everyone i know has those primark pjs...they are the best!

  6. lovely wishlist, I really love that peter pan collar top xx

  7. love the fashion staples, the berry snood and leather jacket are fab!

  8. Love that leather jacket x

  9. I had no idea you had a fashion blog as well, I'm so excited I found it, following you on both of your blogs now. <3 I'm obsessed with Peter Pan collars too! :)